Mesoco, A Tooling Maker & Stamping Parts Provider in China

Mesoco provides precision stamped metal parts in Kunshan, China (30 minutes away from Shanghai). Our service covers all aspects of precison stamping, from designing to mass production for clients. Our equipements can handel stainless sheet & coil, aluminum block and sheet, galvanized sheet stamping parts,beryllium bronze, iron etc.

Our ability technician have good experience in:

  • Pieceing and blanking
  • Bending
  • Deep Drawn Parts
  • Fine Blanking parts,from iron,copper,aluminum and stainless, with conventional equipements and lower cost
  • Cold Forgying
  • Automobile Parts (Mesoco is TS16949 certificated shop)

Our products running in :


carestream rayco costar iro
apple supplier



Mesoco welcome you contact with us for parts quotations and technical consult. we provide following service in precision stamping:

  • Tooling Designing

  • CAE Analysis

  • Tooling Making

  • Mass Production